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                PD&F 2019 BUYER'S GUIDE

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                1. Manufacturer of Rod, Sheet, Tube, Profiles and Film
                2. Distributor of Rod, Sheet, Tube, Profiles and Film
                3. Fabricators
                4. Fabrication Machinery and Equipment
                5. Tooling
                6. Manufacturers and Distributors of Pipe, Fittings, and Accessories
                7. Assembly Equipment, Supplies, and Accessories
                8. Welding Equipment and Supplies
                9. Safety Products & Services

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                Abbeon Cal Inc.   2, 4, 5, 7, 8
                1363 Donlon Street, Unit 1
                Ventura, CA  93003
                Ph: 800-922-0977
                Fax: 805-676-0721
                E-Mail: abbeoncal@abbeon.com
                Web: http://www.abbeon.com
                Contact Name: Bob Brunsman
                Providing PlasticWorking tools and Precision Instruments to businesses for over 70 Years, Abbeon is the supplier of Thermocutters, Forsthoff Welders, HSK Extruders, Drader Injectiweld, CR Clarke machines, Aquaflame Polishers, and more. Visit ABBEON.COM for Plastic welders and cutters, bending equipment, fabricating tools, molding accessories and a variety of Industrial supplies.

                Accurate Plastics, Inc.   1
                18 Morris Place
                Yonkers, NY  10705
                Ph: 914-476-0700
                Fax: 914-476-0533
                E-Mail: sales@acculam.com
                Web: http://www.acculam.com
                Contact Name: Sales
                Full Service manufacturer of NEMA LI-1 and MILI- 24768 thermoset composite plastics for industrial applications. These materials are provided in sheets, tubes, panels, rods and other forms. Over 36 years of supply and service of high quality thermoset plastics to customers worldwide.

                Amana Tool   5
                120 Carolyn Blvd.
                Farmington, NY  11735
                Ph: 631-752-1300; 800-445-0077
                Fax: 631-752-1674
                E-Mail: sales@amanatool.com
                Web: http://www.amanatool.com
                Contact Name: Frank Misiti
                Amana Tool® is an industry leader for over 40 years specializing in industrial quality CNC solid carbide, insert carbide and carbide-tipped cutting tools for the woodworking, plastics, aluminum, composite and metal industry. We provide many solutions for manufacturers, fabricators, display and cabinet professionals as well as hobbyists. Amana Tool’s full line of industrial-quality cutting tools includes saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, boring bits and other specialized tooling.

                AXYZ Automation Inc.   4, 5
                5330 South Service Road
                Burlington, ON  L7L 5L1
                Ph: 905-634-4940; 800-361-3408
                E-Mail: enquiries@axyz.com
                Web: http://www.axyzautomationgroup.com
                Contact Name: Greg Jenkins, Vice President Sales
                AXYZ is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers and waterjet machines. AXYZ provides complete CNC solutions for the plastics industry.

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                CAMaster   4
                149 Wansley Drive
                Cartersville, GA  30121
                Ph: 770-334-2448; 866-405-7688
                Fax: 770-334-2434
                E-Mail: sales@camaster.com
                Web: http://www.camaster.com
                Contact Name: Cody Smith, Sales Manager
                Second Contact: Grant Kessinger, Sales Executive
                Since 2008, CAMaster has manufactured high-quality, affordable, American-made CNC routers designed for a wide range of applications and budgets. CAMaster offers both large industrial routers for high production shops and mid-size routers ideal for smaller businesses. Each CAMaster CNC router is built to exact standards and comes with lifetime support.

                CNC Factory, Inc.   4
                1315 E. St. Andrew Pl., Bldg F
                Santa Ana, CA  92705
                Ph: 714-581-5999
                Fax: 714-581-6004
                E-Mail: sales@cncfactory.com
                Web: http://www.cncfactory.com
                Contact Name: Chris Corrales
                CNC Factory, Inc. builds world-class CNC routers for the plastics industry. Our “Grow as you Grow?CNC center utilizes the latest robotic technology. Our heavy weight machine center offers automatic material loading & unloading, a laser guided take off table and new interactive control center for a complete cost under $50K including installation and training.

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                Ensinger   1
                365 Meadowlands Blvd.
                Washington, PA  15301
                Ph: 724-746-6050; 800-243-3221
                Fax: 724-746-9209
                E-Mail: sales@ensinger-ind.com
                Web: http://www.ensingerplastics.com
                Contact Name: Kenneth A. Pitchok

                Engineering plastic stock shapes, profiles and finished parts. Extrusion, casting, injection and compression molding processes, reinforced and unreinforced base materials from acetals and nylons to high performance materials. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

                Ensinger Penn Fibre Inc.   1, 3
                2434 Bristol Road
                Bensalem, PA  19020
                Ph: 800-662-7366
                Fax: 215-702-9552
                E-Mail: EPFSales@ensinger-ind.com
                Web: http://www.pennfibre.com
                Contact Name: Mark Kreisher, National Sales Manager
                Ensinger Penn Fibre is ISO 9001:2015 certified and manufacturer of thin gauge, high performance, and engineering thermoplastics including sheets, coils, strips, punched & CNC parts. Various dimensions of sheets and coils in stock from 0.010?to 0.250?thick, plus extensive options for custom size sheets, coils, strips and parts.

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                Fluoron, Inc.   1, 3
                505 Blue Ball Rd., Bldg #120
                Elkton, MD  21921
                Ph: 410-392-0220
                Fax: 410-392-4357
                E-Mail: sales@fluoron.com
                Web: http://www.fluoron.com
                Contact Name: Frank Chapman
                Second Contact: Jennifer Wallace
                Fluoron Inc., and its founders, have developed the following unique products: Static Dissipative PTFE & Static Dissipative UHMW-PE Sheet; Thin Wall Tubes of PTFE, FEP and UHMW-PE 6?- 6?diameter; Heat Shrinkable Tubing of PTFE, FEP and UHMW-PE; 60" wide PTFE & UHMW-PE Sheets up to 1/16?thickness. Seamed sheet up to 48?wide.

                Forrest Manufacturing   5
                457 River Road
                Clifton, NJ  07014
                Ph: 800-733-7111
                Fax: 973-471-3333
                E-Mail: tony@forrestman.com
                Web: http://www.forrestblades.com
                Contact Name: Tony Ferrato
                Forrest offers a full line of No-Melt carbide-tipped saw blades especially designed for cutting single or multiple stacked sheets of plastic without chipping or melting.

                Freedom Machine Tool (FMT) CNC Routers   4
                2310 Executive Circle
                Colorado Springs, CO  80906
                Ph: 888-436-8768
                Fax: 719-226-9810
                E-Mail: sales@freedomcnc.com
                Web: http://www.freedomcnc.com
                Contact Name: William Oberg, CNC Sales
                The Freedom Machine Tool, Patriot CNC router product line is built around 30 plus years of CNC router design and manufacturing experience. Currently we offer 4' x 2' , 4' x 4' and 4' x 8', 3-axis, moving gantry models in a variety of configurations that include spindles up to 11 hp, automatic tool changing systems, vacuum and t-slot tables, Rotary Axis (newly designed for AWFS) and more. The base machines are nicely equipped with stress relieved welded steel frameworks, precision ball-screws and profiled rails on all axes, Fagor Industrial CNC controls, and brush-less AC servo motors with matching servo amplifiers. Freedom Machine Tool - Defining Value-Priced, Industrial Quality CNC Routers!

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                Geiss, LLC   4
                42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6
                Durham, CT  06422
                Ph: 203-988-9426
                E-Mail: sales@geissllc.com
                Web: http://www.geiss-ttt.com
                Contact Name: Michael Roche, General Manager
                Geiss is the only specialist offering complete solutions for the thermoforming and composite processing industries. Our portfolio includes the design and manufacture of thermoforming machines, CNC trimming machines as well as forming molds and trimming fixtures. True to our motto “One Step Ahead?we solve the tasks of tomorrow, today!

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                Hufschmied USA   5
                29 Pequot Rd.
                Wallingford, CT  06492
                Ph: 239-220-6602
                E-Mail: sales@hufschmiedusa.com
                Web: http://www.hufschmied.net
                Contact Name: Erin Roche, Service Support/Sales
                Hufschmied offers a range of tooling specifically designed for milling plastics. Our tools are designed to minimize burr formation and provide a quality edge finish at high feed rates minimizing secondary operations. Hufschmied’s Universal-Line and Proto-Line are well suited for this category of materials.

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                iPoly inc.   1
                100 Ormond St. South
                Thorold, ON  L2V 1Y5
                Ph: 905-227-7900
                Fax: 905-227-7901
                E-Mail: art@ipoly.com
                Web: http://www.ipoly.com
                Contact Name: Art Groeneveld
                iPoly inc. is an innovative manufacturer of sustainable, high performance plastics specifically designed to boost profitability for a wide range of industries. From commercial, industrial, agriculture and recreation to oil & gas markets, we produce innovative and custom polymer sheet products that exceed expectations.

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                King Plastic Corporation   1, 6
                1100 N Toledo Blade Blvd.
                North Port, FL  34286
                Ph: 941-493-5502
                Fax: 941-497-3274
                E-Mail: sales@kingplastic.com
                Web: http://www.kingplastic.com
                Contact Name: Michael Fabbri, National Sales Manager
                King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes ?including several products pioneered by the company. Its polymers are made in the USA and sold worldwide through a network of top plastics distributors to customers who fabricate products for the marine industry (King StarBoard® brand), signage, food service, healthcare, architectural, industrial and other markets. King continues to raise the bar with new products, new production techniques and new standards of excellence.

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                Langtec Limited   
                Ph: 302-475-3699
                E-Mail: fibersales@msn.com
                Web: http://www.langtecamerica.com
                Contact Name: Bob Zembower, East/South
                Second Contact: Wayne Smith, Midwest
                Founded in 1919 Langtec Limited is one of the world’s leading suppliers of convoluted wound composite tubes. Products include glass based, paper based, cloth based, mica and carbon substrates treated with application specific resins. Langtec tubes have met rigorous demands from global markets focusing on quick turnaround and unquestioned quality.

                Laramy Products LLC   4, 7, 8
                P. O. Box 1168
                Lyndonville, VT  05851
                Ph: 802-626-9328
                Fax: 802-626-5529
                E-Mail: laramy@together.net
                Web: http://www.laramyplasticwelders.com
                Contact Name: Sherry Stahler, Owner
                Laramy Products is a manufacturer of hot-air, hand held welding equipment for thermoplastics. We also manufacture equipment for bending and forming plastic sheet stock and fusion pipe welding equipment utilizing a male/female heated die system.

                Leister Technologies   4, 7, 8
                1275 Hamilton Parkway
                Itasca, IL  60143
                Ph: 855-Leister
                Fax: 630-760-1000
                E-Mail: david.rothbard@leister.com
                Web: http://www.leister.com/en
                Contact Name: Dave Rothbard
                Leister Technologies is the industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of plastics joining equipment and built-in heat sources, including hot-air and hot-wedge welding tools for civil engineering, plastic fabrication, industrial fabrics, roofing membranes and flooring. Leister also manufactures laser welding systems for the automotive, medical, sensor/electronics and microtechnology industries. Our dedicated distribution network provides our customers with the maximum customer service and support.

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                Nylatech, Inc.   1, 2
                P.O. Box 455
                223 W. Main Street
                Everson, WA  98247
                Ph: 360-966-2838; 800-506-9566
                Fax: 360-966-5319
                E-Mail: nylatech@nylatech.com
                Web: http://www.nylatech.com
                Contact Name: Calvin Petersen, General Manager
                Second Contact: Nate Merkt, Sylvia Steiger Sales
                Specializing in manufacturing cast nylon 6 and 6/12 as rod, sheet and tubular bar as well as finished or semi-finished custom cast components. Nylatech also manufactures premium copolymer acetal rod, sheet, slab and strip. Available in natural and black in a variety of sizes from stock.

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                Petro Extrusion Technologies, Inc.   1
                P.O. Box 99
                Garwood, NJ  07027
                Ph: 908-789-3338; 800-229-3338
                Fax: 908-789-0434
                E-Mail: sales@petroextrusions.com
                Web: http://www.petroextrusions.com
                Contact Name: Mike Patterson, Sales Manager
                Petro Extrusion Tech., Inc., offers Custom and Stock extruded products, specializing in engineering grade thermoplastics, including Nylons 6 & 12, Polycarbonate, Acrylics, Urethanes, PE, PP, PVDF, and other specialty grades. In addition to extensive custom capability, Petro offers several STOCK line products, including the Nyla-Glide GR mds-filled Nylon 6 profile line, Stock Acrylic profiles, PC, PVDF, PP & PVC/PUR stock tubing lines.

                Plastic Products, Inc.   1
                P.O. Box 188
                Bessemer City, NC  28016
                Ph: 800-752-7770
                Fax: 704-739-5566
                E-Mail: lraxter@plastic-products.com
                Web: http://www.hexrod.com
                Contact Name: Lee Raxter
                Hexagonal rod machined to close tolerance (+ /- .005") starting at sizes 3/8" across the flats. Available in Nylon, Delrin®, UHMW, Polypropylene, Polysulfone, PEEK®, Noryl®, Ultem®, Teflon® and more. Rod lengths of 5, 8 or 10 foot. P.P.I. stocks of plastic rod in a large variety of materials and can provide it cut to any length.

                Plastics International   2
                7600 Anagram Drive
                Eden Prairie, MN  55344
                Ph: 952-934-2303
                Fax: 952-934-2314
                E-Mail: sales@plasticsintl.com
                Web: http://www.plasticsintl.com
                Contact Name: Paul Carter
                Plastics International is a stocking distributor of engineering plastics in sheet, rod and tube. Cut to size sawing is provided along with special thickness flycutting and planning of sheets.

                Podojil & Associates, Inc.   9
                42562 West Hall Drive
                Maricopa, AZ  85239
                Ph: 612-801-1032
                Fax: 520-568-5565
                E-Mail: johnpodojil@msn.com
                Web: http://www.podojilconsulting.com
                Contact Name: Jack Podojil
                Podojil & Associates is a full-service safety, health and environmental consulting organization. OSHA Mock Inspections, Machinery Safeguarding and customized safety training, specific to your facility requirements.

                Polymics®, Ltd.   1, 2, 3, 6
                2215 High Tech Road
                State College, PA  16803
                Ph: 814-357-5860
                Fax: 814-357-5863
                E-Mail: info@polymics.com
                Web: http://www.polymics.com
                Contact Name: Peter Foss
                Polymics,® Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of ultra-high performance engineering polymers. With an extensive range of production capabilities and vertically integrated manufacturing Polymics provides cost effective material solutions. Services include design, material development, resin compounding, polymer conversion, certification, testing, recycling and customer partnerships.

                Primex Plastics Corporation   1
                1235 North “F?Street
                Richmond, IN  47374
                Ph: 800-222-5116
                Fax: 800-463-9985
                E-Mail: sales@primexplastics.com
                Web: http://www.primexplastics.com
                Contact Name: Sales
                For over 50 Years Primex has been a stable force in the plastic extrusion industry. With one ownership, one goal, one strategy Primex has continued its growth to be one of the largest custom sheet extruders in North America. We continue to provide plastic sheet and roll stock into various industries.

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                Quantum Polymers Corp   1
                211 Executive Drive, Suite 1
                Newark, DE  19702
                Ph: 302-737-7012; 877-737-7012
                Fax: 302-737-7035
                E-Mail: sales@quantum-polymers.com
                Web: http://www.quantum-polymers.com
                Contact Name: Renee Ebersole, Marketing Manager
                Second Contact: Nicole DiMenco, Inside Sales
                Quantum specializes in the extrusion of stock shape products in the form of rods, plates and tubular bars from engineering, high-performance, and custom-formulated resins and compounds. Standard diameters and thicknesses are typically available off the shelf. Quantum’s made-to-order products offer the advantages of custom sizes resulting in higher yields of machined parts, low minimum order requirements (typically 55 lbs) and reasonable delivery times.

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                SCM Group USA   4, 5
                2475-B Satellite Blvd.
                Suite B
                Duluth, GA  30096
                Ph: 404-759-3534; 866-216-2166
                Fax: 770-813-8819
                E-Mail: pbryant@scmgroup.com
                Web: http://www.scmgroup.com
                Contact Name: Phil Bryant, Product Manager, Advanced Materials
                SCM Group is a leader in the design, manufacture and support of world class CNC Routers and Machining Centers, Computerized Panel Saws, Planer/Sanding Machines and Material Handling lines. SCM CNC Routers, Morbidelli CNC Machining Centers and Gabbiani/SCM Panel Saws are product lines of the group that offer a full range of solutions specifically for the plastics industry.

                Seelye, Inc.   2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8
                946 Century Lane
                Apopka, FL  32703
                Ph: 407-656-6677; 800-258-2936
                Fax: 407-656-5244
                E-Mail: customerservice@seelyeinc-orl.com
                Web: http://www.seelyeinc-orl.com
                Contact Name: Paige DiChiria Bowen, President
                Second Contact: Connie Johnson, Technical Support
                Thermoplastic welders, welding rod and accessories. Seelye manufactures and stocks the Model 63 welder series, and the 2001FC and 2001FCP porta welders, heat guns, filters and brushes. We are also a custom thermoplastic fabricator of water and chemical tanks, and master distributors of Tefen Air & Water Fittings and John Guest Push Fittings.

                ShopBot Tools, Inc.   4
                3333B Industrial Drive
                Durham, NC  27704
                Ph: 919-680-4800; 888-680-4466
                Fax: 919-680-4900
                E-Mail: info@shopbottools.com
                Web: http://www.shopbottools.com
                Contact Name: Sales
                ShopBot Tools are powerful and affordable CNC solutions. ShopBot’s CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) tools provide the power, precision, and reliability of big-iron CNC tools costing thousands of dollars more. You can machine, cut, and carve into a variety of materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foam, and aluminum. All ShopBot tools are designed, built, and supported in Durham, NC.

                Specialized Safety Products   9
                4321 N. Knox Avenue
                Chicago, IL  60641
                Ph: 773773-7100
                Fax: 773-777-0909
                E-Mail: sales@specializedsafetyproducts.com
                Web: http://www. specializedsafetyproducts.com
                Contact Name: Michael Green, President
                Second Contact: Bryan Green Natl. Sales Manager
                Specialized Safety Products manufactures the Jet-Kleen Personnel Blow-off Systems. They provide safe and effective removal of residues ?such as dust, fiber, water ?from people or environments. Both the Jet-Kleen & Jet-Kleen Ltd. Provide a safe alternative to compressed air, consuming less energy and emitting less noise-well below OSHA standards and can be safely aimed at even exposed skin.

                Stiles Machinery Inc.   4, 5
                3965 44th Street SE
                Grand Rapids, MI  49512
                Ph: 616-698-7500
                Fax: 616-698-9411
                E-Mail: edelaney@stilesmachinery.com
                Web: http://www.stilesmachinery.com
                Contact Name: Erik Delaney, National Sales Manager
                As the industry’s leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, Stiles has been helping manufacturers throughout North America increase their efficiency and productivity for over 50 years. With world-class machinery backed by an experienced and responsive support team, extensive parts inventory, unique upgrade capabilities and a nationally accredited education and training program, Stiles offers solutions that equip companies for success in every area of their business.

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                Techno CNC Systems, LLC   4, 5
                29 Trade Zone Drive
                Ronkonkoma, NY  11779
                Ph: 516-328-3970 x370
                Fax: 516-358-2576
                E-Mail: technosales@technocnc.com
                Web: http://www.technocnc.com
                Contact Name: Roy Valentine
                CNC Routers for all small and large production companies and budgets. Techno routers produce ultra smooth edge finish in all plastics. Multiple sizes and configurations are available for all plastic routing applications, including nested based sheet processing and trimming. Request a FREE quote online, or learn more about the vast product offerings at www.TechnoCNC.com.

                Thermwood Corp.   4
                904 Buffaloville Road
                Dale, IN  47523
                Ph: 812-937-4476; 800-533-6901
                Fax: 812-937-2956
                E-Mail: sales@thermwood.com
                Web: http://www.thermwood.com
                Contact Name: Dennis Palmer, V. P. Machine Products
                Thermwood is a U.S. manufacture of three and five axis CNC Routers for trimming and machining of flat sheet and three dimensional formed plastics. We also manufacture Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) systems for 3D printing of tooling, molds, masters, patterns, fixtures and plugs for various industries.

                Trident Engineering Plastics, Inc.   1, 3
                1029 Pulinski Rd.
                Ivyland, PA  18974
                Ph: 215-672-5225; 800-427-4451
                Fax: 215-672-5582
                E-Mail: tepi@tridentplastics.com
                Web: http://www.tridentepp.com
                Contact Name: Dean Cadic, General Manager
                Second Contact: William Marmer, Manager
                Trident Engineering Plastics produces TRIZOD® polycarbonate sheet in machine grade up to 5.00" thick, optical grade up to 2.00" thick, 48" x 96" sheets. Trident also produces compression molded sheet made from DELRIN® acetal homopolymer, CELCON® acetal copolymer, NORYL® PPO, and CYCOLAC ABS and several Glass-filled thermoplastic materials in a variety of sheet sizes: 24" x 48", 48" x 96", 48" x 120" and 60" x 120".

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                VacuumTables.com   4, 7
                4321 N. Knox Avenue
                Chicago, IL  60641
                Ph: 773-724-4900
                Fax: 773-777-0909
                E-Mail: sales@vacuumtables.com
                Web: http://www.vacuumtables.com
                Contact Name: Michael Green
                VacuumTables.com, a division of Graphic Parts Intl., manufactures vacuum holddown & flotation tables. Engineered and built to your specification, our tables are known worldwide for flatness, quality and performance. With virtually seamless edges, they excel at holding substrates in place during manufacturing, in digital applications, R&D labs requiring rapid prototyping, and in all types of work environments. Ask about our Flatness Certification.

                Vortex Tool Co., Inc.   5
                5605 East Jelinek Avenue
                Schofield, WI  54476
                Ph: 715-355-7707; 800-355-7708
                Fax: 715-355-7353
                E-Mail: mikes@vortextool.com
                Web: http://www.vortextool.com
                Contact Name: Mike Serwa, VP Sales/Engineer
                Vortex Tool Company, Inc. offers a wide selection of routing tools specifically designed for plastic routing. Call us with all your routing application questions.

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                WEGENER Welding, LLC   4, 7, 8
                16W301 S. Frontage Road
                Burr Ridge, IL  60527
                Ph: 630-789-0990
                Fax: 630-789-1380
                E-Mail: info@wegenerwelding.com
                Web: http://www.wegenerwelding.com
                Contact Name: Patty Zitkus, Sales Representative
                Offering the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic welding and fabrication equipment such as hand welding systems, extrusion welding systems, thermoplastic sheet bending and fusion machines, pipe butt and socket fusion tools and equipment, fitting fabrication machines, pipe band saws, filter embedding machines, AC and DC spark testers, membrane roof testers.

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